New feature: Billing screen

New feature: Billing screen

A Billing screen was made available today for our customers.

With this new screen below, it is possible to monitor, in real time, how much you will pay in monthly fees for users at the end of the month:

In the first 30 days, there will be no charge for the monthly fee for users, as we will give it free of charge to all our new customers. And this billing screen will control the discounts in these first 30 days, calculating the proportional values when the 30 free days are between 2 months.

You can also expand the list of active users and see which users are being billed:

By clicking on the “Options” button, it is possible to view and open the login and access history of that user


And do the same thing with deleted users who will be charged:

By clicking on the event link, you can view more details about the creation and deletion of that user.



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