Month: August 2023

Optimizing your licensing costs with Power BI

New feature: Login using native Google integration

A few days after we published the New login system integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which allows login to the system without entering a password, using Azure AD to authenticate access, we are now publicly releasing the login feature using native integration with Google. This will allow accounts that were added using…
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New login system integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

In order to simplify the experience for Power Embedded users, we chose to move away from using the login using Azure B2C to create an entirely new login system, allowing for more visual customizations and a more fluid flow. One of the most important improvements with this new system is the native integration with Azure Active…
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New Feature: External URL Import

Power Embedded is designed to support Power BI reports, whether paginated, dashbords, or traditional reports. A new feature that we are making available today is support for external URL import, which opens up endless possibilities to centralize the management and visualization of reports from different tools on a single platform. You can even…
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New feature: Login screen customization

Power Embedded already supports custom domains, where you configure your company's sub-domain in the system (eg: and your users can access the portal using this URL. This makes a good impression on your user, when accessing a URL that is on the company's domain instead of accessing an external URL,…
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New feature: Paginated report and dashboard support

Today we are celebrating a huge evolution in Power Embedded: Support for paginated reports and dashboards! What is paginated report and dashboard? Paginated reports are designed to be printed or shared. They are called paginated because they are formatted to fit well on a printed page. They display all the data in…
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New feature: Billing screen

A Billing screen was made available today for our customers. With this new screen below, it is possible to follow, in real time, how much you will pay in monthly fees for users at the end of the month:
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