New Feature: External URL Import

New Feature: External URL Import

Power Embedded is designed to support Power BI reports, whether paginated, dashbords, or traditional reports.

A new feature that we are making available today is support for external URL import, which opens up endless possibilities to centralize the management and visualization of reports from different tools on a single platform.

You can even use this feature to share files between your company's employees in a secure and auditable way.

To use the feature, go to the Reports page and click on the “Import from URL” button


After clicking on the button, a new window will open, where you must specify the name of the report and the URL.

In this example, I will be importing a report I created in Google Data Studio into Power Embedded:

After importing this external URL, it will be available on the reports page like any other Power BI report you've imported.

All functionality will be available (with the exception of RLS), such as per-user permissions, groups, choosing a thumbnail image, and audits.


External URL reports appear in a separate category:


Reports, links or files can be viewed normally:


Even files can be accessed using this feature, such as a PDF document hosted on a OneDrive account:


The visualization follows the same format and pattern as the existing ones:


Report access audits are applied normally for external reports, just as they already work for other types of reports:

I hope you enjoy this new feature and good analysis.

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