New login system integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

New login system integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

In order to simplify the experience for Power Embedded users, we chose to move away from using the login using Azure B2C to create an entirely new login system, allowing for more visual customizations and a more fluid flow.

One of the most important improvements with this new system is the native integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), allowing your users to view reports without having to enter a username and password.

To access the system using the integration with Azure AD, just click on the “Sign in with your Microsoft account” button.

If your account is logged into the browser session, the system will automatically log in. If not, the Azure login screen will open to authenticate your account.

This integration does not require that the user's domain be the same as the tenant's, that is, if I am in an organization with the domain and I add a visualization user with the email “[email protected] ”, if this email belongs to an Azure AD tenant, I can use Azure AD authentication to sign in without password with this email.

For users who do not belong to any Azure AD tenant, such as Gmail and Hotmail accounts, the integration with Azure AD will not work, but these people continue to access the system using username and password.

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