New Feature: Customizing SMTP Account for Sending Emails

New Feature: Customizing SMTP Account for Sending Emails

Power Embedded goal was always be a white-label, system, allowing our customers to customize the entire visual identity of the system including their colors and logos.

This motivated us to change our login system completely, leaving Azure B2C for a login system created internally by our developers, with the proposal to improve customization and be more aligned with this concept of white-label that the system has.

And to make it even more customizable, today, we are releasing a new tab called “E-Mail”, on the settings page, where you can configure your company's SMTP account to send e-mails.

This new feature will make communications via e-mail (eg new user, password recovery) to be sent with all your company's visual identity.

If before the system already showed your logo in the emails sent, now even the sender of the email will be personalized for your company.



  • If you do not configure an SMTP account for sending emails, the tool's default SMTP account will be used.

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